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Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Long gone are the days when I could dress my little doll girl however I pleased. Putting together outfits for my lady small is fun (any mother who says otherwise is a liar) and I used to really love this part of getting ready together in the morning. Since she began dressing herself, however, there is absolutely no chance. She is very much in charge in the style stakes. Occasionally (very occasionally) I may be able to sway her on a practical level. "Hmmm, Matilda, It might not be a good idea to wear just pyjama trousers and goggles to nursery today." Says I. "Why?" (Oh the never ending "why?") Says she. "Because it's cold and everyone else will be wearing proper clothes." "Why?"... And so we continue but sometimes we do find a passable compromise. To be honest, although at times I'd rather she just went along with me, purely for selfish convenience that is, on the whole I love it. I love when she makes confident decisions and is proud of herself for doing so. I'd much rather walk along with a happy little girl who looks a bit silly but is delighted to be wearing all of her favourite things at once than one who may be understandably upset and refusing to cooperate because I don't appreciate how important it is to her. And on this particular Sunday, her ensemble was just too spectacular to not share. As you can see her theme was pink, all of the pink. Underwear on head and on bum, trousers, top, wellingtons, tutu, dressing gown and rain jacket.


Incidentally, this was also the day I discovered how difficult it is to travel a couple of hundred metres back to our house with a giddy dog, a toddler who will not go back in the buggy but will also not walk and a girl who  also refuses to walk because she is upset that she is getting wet in the sudden downpour and a three wheeled buggy with a puncture. Ah, the perks!


  1. Oh this made me laugh! My daughter is at the conscious stage where she thinks everyone will laugh at her if she was dressed in her pj's during a late night milk dash to the shops! But she still chooses to wear a super hero's cape during our supermarket shop :) I keep a box of 'preschool clothes' that she can choose to wear on the days she goes to preschool. It helped A LOT on days where she wanted to wear her Sunday best and I preferred her not to!

    All I can say is be patient and perhaps get yourself a box too with seasonal appropriate outfits ;)

    Sophie xo

  2. LOL!!! She's a special style ;)

  3. Hahahahahahaha! Style icon indeed! I do love dressing my girl - my husband hates having to do it (as he worries he'll put her in some godawful combination!) and also love shopping for her...!
    I think I went through the dressing-in-one-colour phase - there are holiday photos of me dressed entirely in red, pink and even yellow (I looked like a banana...)
    The journey back to your house sounds less fun though - I have one of those buggy avoiding toddlers too (but luckily don't have the giddy dog to try and control too!) x


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