Taking stock.

Thursday, 23 July 2015

An old photo of George I found. He no longer has such a long messy mop of hair, I miss it a bit.

Making: for dinner earlier: spaghetti with tomatoes, greens, olive oil, lemon zest and Parmesan. In the morning I'm planning a batch of banana bread, carrot cake cookies and scrambled eggs for breakfast.
Cooking : quick and simple for the children and me six days out of the week. We really look forward to Sunday when Tom manages a break from work and then we feast a bit. Either at my parents-in-law's house or here.
Drinking : lots of tea, not enough water.
Reading: Anna Jones' new book: A Modern Way To Cook
Wanting: A little break.
Looking: Tired.
Playing: Nick Drake's Pink Moon.
Deciding: A beach walk after breakfast tomorrow will be on the cards, regardless of weather
Wishing: For some time with my Tom
Enjoying: The late evening quiet very much tonight.
Liking: the sound of the rain.
Wondering: What to make for dinner tomorrow. My background thoughts always revert to food.
Loving: Matilda's appetite for books. She's ploughs her way through chapter books, laughing aloud and pausing to ask me a question or share the joke.
Pondering: The many and much there is to do and what needs to come first.
Considering: Starting those blankets that I've mentally committed myself to making for the littles by winter. I've never made a bed-sized blanket and neither have I ever crocheted a blanket. Better make a start then. (tips?)
Buying: All the lovely fresh vegetables I can squeeze into the fridge. Something about that, that I really enjoy. Makes me acknowledge in a small way how fortunate we are, I suppose.
Watching: The rain and the trees in the garden doing their best windy dance.
Hoping: tomorrow brings some sun and a break from the rain.
Marvelling: At  the kindness of some people I'm lucky enough to know.
Cringing: at myself in my less than patient moments, which are too frequent lately, truth be told.
Needing: Some child free pal/gal time.
Questioning: the wisdom of living where we do when the weather is so rotten.
Smelling: The washing drying on the landing
Noticing: the children growing, as children do.
Knowing: That, "this too shall pass", as they say, trying to be mindful of this when it gets too much.
Thinking: About people far away.
Sorting: Bit by bit.
Getting: Behind.trying not to mind.
Bookmarking: Recipes as ever.
Coveting: Little dresses for Matilda. She does love a frock, hard to get her to wear anything else. She needs a few new ones. Opposite of me at that age in that department
Disliking: Solo parenting at the moment.
Opening: messages from family.
Giggling: Often, thankful to live in a house of laughter.
Feeling: happy to be in bed.
Snacking: All the time.
Helping: Matilda with writing sweet letters to cousins
Hearing: George mumbling in his sleep. The rain.
'Taking stock' list prompts borrowed from Pip over at Meet Me at Mikes.



Wednesday, 28 January 2015


Dear Matilda,

Yesterday you turned five. Happy birthday, amazing little You. Our singing, dancing, drawing, daydreaming, funny, clever, creative, brave, beautiful, kind, strong, sparkly super powers princess, aspiring doctor, engineer and rabbit (pony would do, too) and would-like-to-be ballet dancer. You're stubborn and highly sensitive, kind and a very deep thinker.You also tell excellent knock-knock jokes. You love school and you're a serious book worm (just like I was). You've been reading by yourself with ease for some time and there's nothing I love more than to read with you.  Currently, we're halfway through The Magic Faraway Tree and we just finished Roald Dahl's The Minpins since Aunty Laura got you that one for your birthday. You love Rainbow Dash (of My Little Pony) and insist she is your real sister. It's so sweet. Five years of joy and hilarity and so much learning. Each day is a lesson in more and more patience, listening and kindness and being present. And  I love you more and more and more and more.

IMG_5266 IMG_5260
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