Wednesday, 28 January 2015


Dear Matilda,

Yesterday you turned five. Happy birthday, amazing little You. Our singing, dancing, drawing, daydreaming, funny, clever, creative, brave, beautiful, kind, strong, sparkly super powers princess, aspiring doctor, engineer and rabbit (pony would do, too) and would-like-to-be ballet dancer. You're stubborn and highly sensitive, kind and a very deep thinker.You also tell excellent knock-knock jokes. You love school and you're a serious book worm (just like I was). You've been reading by yourself with ease for some time and there's nothing I love more than to read with you.  Currently, we're halfway through The Magic Faraway Tree and we just finished Roald Dahl's The Minpins since Aunty Laura got you that one for your birthday. You love Rainbow Dash (of My Little Pony) and insist she is your real sister. It's so sweet. Five years of joy and hilarity and so much learning. Each day is a lesson in more and more patience, listening and kindness and being present. And  I love you more and more and more and more.

IMG_5266 IMG_5260


  1. 5! Eeep! and rainbow dash would be the number one hit around here! so gorgeous!
    My parenthood journey is the same, a lesson of patience, listening, kindness and (trying to) be present.


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