good advice

Wednesday, 20 August 2014


This evening after dinner, while George was busy making merry havoc with the contents of my fabric and thread stash and my lady small was bobbing about in Matilda Land, I was quickly trying to whizz through the dishes and tidy up (so I had less to do post-bath/bedtime.) Right then, my girl said to me, "Mummy, why don't you just stop doing all these boring things and do what you love best." Knowing exactly what she meant, in her own funny way, I asked her, "Well, what do I love doing best?" "Playing with me and George, Mummy." So I did. It can be all to easy to slip into 'got-to-get-this-done' mode, instead of focusing on what's right in front of me. That girl always has something to say that is worth listening to.


  1. Beautiful advice Matilda. (I do exactly as you do, and become increasingly anxious to 'get-it-done', and I forget to enjoy the now often).


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