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Monday, 18 November 2013


1. Bubbles
2. When in need of stuff and the stuff is on sale, it does make for a good day.
3. Unravelling
4. The mornings are getting crunchy
5. So much of this kind of thing, all over everywhere. It'll be worth it!
6. Very pink and very orange.
7. Headwear flair.
8. Breathing deep by the water's edge. So restorative. I am so thankful that this is at the end of the street where we live.

This week the stripping, painting, sawing, hammering etc.. continues and the house remains in disarray. Slowly we can begin to see things coming together. It will be worth it! I am so grateful for Tom's patience among many things, especially so lately. Reminding myself of these little goals and trying not to get too cabin crazy amongst it all.  I hope your weeks are excellent.
Joining in with the ever lovely Em's 'Stills'


  1. Hi there popping in from the beetle a good photo with a kid with their underwear on their that's called re-purposing. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

    1. Haha, I'll tell Matilda that! Thanks for popping by Kathy.x

  2. These are lovely stills Holly! I love the fashionable headwear, it's quite fashionable in our household too. Happy days to you!
    Melinda x


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