Saturday, 9 November 2013


Matilda: Helping Daddy to remove old nails and staples from the stripped staircase. I am always amazed at how capable children are when we give them the time and patience to say "yes, you can." It can be all too easy to say that It's a job for 'grown ups' when really, there's rarely a good enough reason to say no.

George: Mud, mud, glorious mud.

Joining in with the lovely Jodi and many others over here.


  1. I love how much kids love helping - it takes longer but it's so rewarding to see them learn and how much they enjoy it! And o mud! Love the mud shot and the joy of the mud!

  2. It's so true - children are often so much more able than they are given a chance to show. And they do so love helping and being useful! I'm slowly learning this now with my little one - she loves to fetch and carry, and 'help' me hang the washing on the airer! George looks like he's loving the mud - a brilliant capture of the 'splash' too! x

  3. oh bless their little hearts. such beautiful moments with incredible light.
    Bella x

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  5. Amen. My girl loves helping. And actually, she's pretty able to do certain helpful things!


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