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Monday, 11 November 2013


1.Many a grey-blue day.
2. George and Mummy and Mummy's giant eye.
3. We've been tearing the house apart and reassembling in favour of bright clean, colourful space. Hooray to that! Making this house a home.
4. Dog shaped house guest for a month while Granny and Grampy go adventuring.
5. I never want to forget how she held his little hand while we watched fireworks from their window.
6. Muddy splosher.
7. Little toes.
8. The sea mist swallows us whole.

Ah, another week. A lot going on in the way of stripping, painting, ripping, fitting, etc. It's all good stuff. I'm thankful for Tom's seemingly endless talents. If it can be done, then he'll do it! The weather's shifting and that lovely Scottish sideways rain and wind is visiting frequently again. It's bunker down and 3 pairs of socks to bed, time. Hope your weeks have been lovely.

Joining in with Emily's 'Stills'.


  1. Cutest, most beautiful pictures ever. Xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Giant eye! And fluffy tails. Sweet post. X

  3. Such lovely photos! The toes, muddy boots and the fluffy dog tail are my favourites! Laura x


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