autumn bright

Saturday, 9 November 2013

I was reminded again why autumn is my favourite time of year. It's been bright and crisp and all that it should and while I feel as though I probably haven't made the most of it, (I always think this though, of most things) It has been one to remember. Especially with our mini escape to Harris with our lovely Granny and Grampy. Next autumn, my little favourites will be another year older, (I know, 'cos that's how time works, almost all of the time...) and It'll be even more fun and we'll have even more adventures, fo sho. Winter is here now, the air has certainly changed in the last week or two and the early morning ground is getting a frosty crunch. There's plenty afoot to make it a good season for us, too. Enough to stave off the winter crazies... hopefully.


  1. I love seeing your images from Australia and the opposite season. Though our seasons don't quite align as opposites do they? We see Spring as September, October, November and summer as December, January and February, so it's strange to hear you say it is winter already. Jean

  2. This is beautiful. I want to move there right now. I love watching the light and air change with the seasons and you have really captured that. Such gorgeous and moving images. xxoo


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