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Saturday, 2 November 2013

IMG_1925It's around about now that I really look back and mull over what the year has been and brought for us so far. Where we're up to in our little lives and what I and we want to achieve still. Right now and in the way-off-not-quite-yet-but-soonish future. (Because I'm not obsessing/procrastinating/extra obsessing over my own goals all the time anyway....Hmmmm, well.)  I'm not one for new year resolutions but I've set myself four little goals to begin with now, before 2014 - all small and simple ways of making a bit of good change/bad habit breaking and being a bit kinder to myself. I'll tackle the big stuff still, in a bit.

1. Practise Yoga every day (even just 5 minutes before bed).
2. Prioritise creativity.
3. Never skip meals, especially breakfast and drink more water.
4. Get to bed at a sensible time every night.


  1. I like these goals....they would benefit me greatly. I always stay up later than I should...even when my body very clearly tells me enough is enough. I attend 3 yoga classes a week..but for some reason I can't motivate myself to practise at home (and you are right, even 5 minutes would be super worthwhile). Goodluck with your goals...I'm sure you'll achieve them! x

    1. Thanks, Michelle! The idea was that they would be positives, not just 'should do/need to do' kind of things. Am jealous of the 3 yoga classes a week - I would go every day if I could. Not so many available up here :)

  2. 4 little goals that you'll get for sure!!!
    we make some morning yoga-streching, while my little girl watches maya at the tv, then, as she likes to strech 'yoga', she keeps on for some more minutes.

    1. My Matilda has her own take on certain poses. They are hilarious! I keep trying to get some morning stretches in - maybe tomorrow :).x


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