Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Somehow, this wonder of a human has stuck around for another year and I am extremely happy that he has. He is brilliant, no doubt about it.


A while ago
This guy, I wed
With a perfectly
Formed head:
A nose,
A mouth
where they should be
Two eyes,on top,
For, to see me (of course)

And just below,
A chiselled chin
To hold the most
Contagious grin.
And that might be
Plenty enough.
That formula,
Is winning stuff!

But there's more
For me to say,
He does things
In a certain way,
With pizazz and
Plenty flair
(Let's not forget,
full head of hair!)
I'm sure I'm not the only one
Who does appreciate
Him some.

Each day
I laugh
Until I cry
(Because you are hilarious)
I love you Tom
We do
Da dee
Da dummm



  1. Aahh, happy anniversary you two!!! He's deffo a keeper ;-) xxxxxxxx

  2. Haha those last two lines! Hilarious! We just celebrated our anniversary too. November seems to be the month for love :)


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