the best remedy.

Thursday, 18 July 2013


A few minutes walk from our garden gate is a beautiful, quiet, mostly stoney with just enough sandy beach. Trundling down the road to our own little beach is just the best remedy for all kind of small people (or big people) grumps. Or just for a lovely little explore, more often than not. In this case, however, it was absolutely in aid of the grown up kind of grumps, there's no better way to perk myself up than to indulge in some exploring and care-free time with my littles. I woke like a bear with a sore head, this morning, with an actual sore head and after a slow morning trudging through some not fun jobs in the house I decided enough was enough, forced myself out of said grump and quickly packed and we were off for a good couple of hours. I think it did the trick, 'cause "when Mama's not happy, ain't no-one happy." I once read, or something like that.


  1. O how lovely. Nothing makes me feel better quicker than going to the sea or the forest - neither are quite as close for us as they are for you - how ver lovely to have the sea so close! The photo of the calmac filled me with nostalgia as well!

    1. We love being by the sea. I always think we don't take quite enough advantage of it! Ohh Calmac? Have you travelled about Scotland?


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