Saturday, 27 July 2013

P1060309 P1060331

Matilda: Up, up, up the hill we go... Leading the way and just making sure your head gear is in order. You'll go barefoot whenever the chance is there.

George: I gave you a haircut last weekend. It seems you are an actual boy now.

Thanks to Jodi for sharing these portraits of my two last week.

Joining in with Jodi's lovely 52 project.


  1. That is a glorious path Matilda is walking up. And a very cute hair cut - nice job, Mama! Kellie xx

  2. I love that big bow! I'm getting way ahead of myself but I can't wait to cut Eloise's hair. My mom always cut mine [until I was 20 and away at college] and I want to cut hers!

  3. Love that top shot ... I swear I can actually feel the warmth in the sunshine.

  4. Adorable! just love these. I cut my boys' hair up until recently! Haircuts do make them look older. And that sweet one of Matilda. Love it! xo


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