Matilda, the Narrator.

Tuesday, 16 July 2013


Is there such a thing as too many books? Too much make believe? I don't think so... Miss Matilda's little land of Matilda is SO full of imagination, it just flows from her brilliant little mind with such delightful ease, like all other three year olds, I bet. The funny thing is, that often while pottering/hopping/singing to the world from her little land she often talks to herself and about herself and about everything that's going on in her creation in the third person, story narrator style.

"Now, the monkey needs a jungle with too many trees, she thought."
"And then she hugged her mummy."
"But... But... I MUST have more nuts! She cried, excitedly."
"Oh no dinosaur, don't eat them, I need my legs... She shrieked."
"Now Rumpus, you need to eat these leaves, she demanded."

So funny. I was forever with my nose in a book when I was small, I'm glad to be sharing a love of books with Matilda and George. I just hope she grows out of the self narration by her teens... Or at least learns to keep it to appropriate situations, like, for my entertainment.


  1. love this! so perfect and true! xo

  2. She sounds just like you in your teens Holly! Love this blog, Matilda sounds perfectly quirky! x

    1. Lucie!x Hello lovely long lost one. Thank you, she's a gem, you two would get on well, I reckon :)xx


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