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Tuesday, 23 July 2013


When I was very little, my Granny/Nanny/Grandmama/Nana-Banana used to recite this little rhyme to me, as she traced my face with her gentle hands. I'd ask her to do it all the time and now I say the same little rhyme to Matilda, while I stroke her sleepy face and it takes me right back to little days of my own. I've no idea where she got this from, if she made it up or if it's a Granny 'thing'?!

The moon is round
He has
Two eyes
A nose
A mouth
And a chinny-chin-chin.

Knock on the door
Spy through the keyhole
Lift up the latch
Wipe your boots
And walk in
Take a chair
Sit down there
And how do you do this morning?


  1. Such a lovely little rhyme. It does sound familiar for some reason, perhaps I will Google it :)

  2. Apparently there is a rhyme that goes like this:
    Knock, knock, knock (Parent knocks on floor)
    Peek in (Cover baby’s arms over eyes and quickly uncover them)
    Open the latch (Cross baby’s arms over chest and then extend out to side)
    And walk right in (Walk fingers up baby’s tummy)
    How do you do Mr. Chinny, chin, chin? (Tickle baby under chin)

    I much prefer your Granny's version :) How do you trace your fingers, and to what part of the rhyme? I'd love to learn it for Everly.

    1. She's trace around my whole face for 'the moon is round', then around my eyes, stroke nose and mouse, too for those parts. Gently tap my forehead for the 'knock knock'. 'Spy through the keyhole' she'd do a little door with her hand over my eye. 'Lift up the 'latch' she'd kind of 'lift' or squidge my nose and then for 'walk in' she'd do walking fingers (if you get what I mean?!) pretending to go into my mouth. 'Take a chair, sit down there and how do you do this morning?' she would squidge/jiggle both cheeks and my chin. Haha. Aww it's such sweet little rhyme. I've learnt since posting this that my Great-Grandma would do it to my Granny and her sisters.


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