summer rain, come again.

Friday, 26 July 2013


Yesterday found me tired and tense and on my best 'Un-Fun-Mummy' form. A long hot day that started just before 5am with much too much (for me) of Turbo-George's stuntman antics, a lot of playing 'I Smell A Naughty Kitten Poo, Now, Where The Hell Is It?!' and poor tired Matilda, the 5am wakee. By late morning I was definitely not in the mood yet quietly holding it together but come afternoon I'd had enough. Tea time I was on the verge and when bedtime finally rolled around I was well and truly over it, not winning any parenting points at that moment in time I can assure you. Still, I managed to cajole a kicking, sobbing Lady Small to sleep and settle George then I completely collapsed into the quiet of the evening. Just as if they knew, those dense and muggy summer skies opened up and down fell the warm rain. Soothing and clearing the air and my temper with it. I pushed every window as wide as they would go and let that clean air in. A nice Guiness (all I could get my mitts on) and a bit of lazy behaviour put me back together again.

N.B. Photo above... Just because she's scrumptious.


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