crazy hour.

Thursday, 11 July 2013

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There's that certain spot on the clock, in our house, as we begin to creep towards the end of the day... Dinner time is approaching, little people start to rub at their little eyes (and big people, too), tummies are rumbling, tethers and tempers are well worn and beginning to fray and the hour is upon us. With soft, tinkling music and little tasks for wandering hands I try and ferry us across this tumultuous time of day. To soothe with food and kind words and lovely warm bathing is my aim and to welcome the night in with my cherubs as gently as possible. More often though, crazy hour brings plenty of crazy. It's a good job I love the crazy (mostly.)


  1. The witching hour. As the sun sets little people go strange. I agree with you, long bubble baths and helping prepare dinner are my remedies.

  2. It does seem to do the trick when all goes to plan. We had an extra long bubble bath tonight and it definitely did the trick!

  3. Bubble baths are like medicine for their wee souls! Most of the time at least;) xx


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