Looking up and looking down.

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

As we amble along  in the afternoon light, my little ones and I, a short stroll tends to take longer and longer as we take the time to really look. " 'ook sky", calls George, with his podgy hand pointing upwards and squinting in the sun. Matilda finds woodlice, little stones, leaves and sticks to add to her collectings and there's always a Cat or two who she must stop to make friends with. I must remind myself to slow down for them, to let them really, really look and take their own pace as we go on our way. I do forget and get caught up with the bustle of life and the' must dos' and 'got to get dones'. But I love nothing more than to spend time with them in this way. Just strolling and seeing and being their Mummy.


  1. Just lovely to think of you all strolling and looking and talking and collecting.xxxxx

    1. The best of times are spent this way. Every single pocket of every coat of mine has bits of stuff in from our walks and all my bags too, probably :) xxxxx


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