Sunday, 9 June 2013

1. A little rest for Matilda on our way home.
2. Duplo 'hospital' (a recurring theme) and George's favorite dinosaur.
3. Stop, thief! George is a runaway with a brolly. It was a beautiful day but weirdly (or not-so, for here) windy day so coats were a must for a walk to our stoney beach.
4. There she goes, up and down... Up and down... Up and down those steps again and again and again...
5. Lunch for two on Tom's only day off this past week. We're spoiled with two whole daddy days this week, wonderful!
6. A view across the harbor of our little town.


  1. Oh's so beautiful where you live! Your Matilda is very sweet. We have a Matilda too x

  2. Your little town looks wonderful! My husband's family is Scottish, from a little coastal town near Glasgow. I hope we can return for another visit one day, as Scotland is a magical place. So lovely to find your blog via Em's weekly stills series...

    1. Thank you, there is something very special about it... Especially on a lovely day. We are incomers to the island, being English ourselves but the two children we've had here are officially Scottish! We have a whole lot of exploring left to do of these islands and wonderful mainland Scotland, too. Thank you for finding my little space here, I hope you do stop by again.


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