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Sunday, 19 January 2014


1. Sleepy feet.
2 + 3. Reading
4. A yet to be perfected, flourless and refined sugarless chocolate cake... It is far, far better than it sounds, believe me.
5. Pink tea for three.
6. Holding hands on a windy walk.
7 + 8. Playing with paper presents from her beloved Granny.
9. Willing those grey clouds to clear... Come onnnn!!!

Some little bits of our week, Joining in with lovely Emily and her Weekly Stills in 2014.


  1. It looks like you've had a lovely homely week. I really need to find that Oliver Jeffers book; I've heard so many good things about it. Intrigued by the flour and refined sugarless cake too - would you be willing to share the recipe? And yes, come on grey clouds, clear! We enjoyed blue skies and sunshine today - hope it travels up to you this week! x

  2. Great shots - love your cups! Oliver Jeffers was always one of our favourites here x

  3. What a lovely mellow week ... Oliver Jeffers is a firm favourite here too ... I am also intrigued by your chocolate cake ... Bee xx

  4. Holly, what a beautiful week captured, I remember owning cut out dolls, my miss 4 got some for her birthday we have yet to pull them out . You've got great taste in books too. Over from stills. Have a great week. X

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  6. pink tea sounds divine! i love those paper dolls and little ones holding hands! popping in from em's stills :)


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