Saturday, 18 January 2014


Matilda: If you haven't woken up to use the toilet before we go to bed, we will take you to the toilet ourselves. You hardly wake at all, it's very cute and pretty funny, too.

George: Oh George. Most photos of you look like this one recently. You spot the camera and out comes the crazy cheese face! Think I'll have to get using some sneaky picture taking tactics.

Joining in with Jodi and many, many lovely others for the 52 Project in 2014.


  1. We get the crazy cheese face too - it's sneaky photo taking all the way! Aww to sleepy Matilda x

  2. wow gorgeous! Love that cheesy face and smudgy sleepy girl x

  3. lovely matilda while she sleeps... we did that sometimes before, but now she rests all night long without making pee

  4. love that wild face! I wish I had that skill to stay pretty much asleep through anything, what a girl!

  5. Such sweet photos. How do you know when she needs to go?!


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