little things

Sunday, 6 October 2013


1. Picked from the garden with my little Mbug.
2. Rubbing kisses on the window.
3. Yellow and green.
4. Digging in.
5. Side by side at play, in their own separate lands.
6. Click-clack-click-clack, PING! (Or really... bang-bang-whack-whack-PING! Whatever he did, somehow he fixed it.)
7. Late afternoon candlelight.
8.Snacking on home made popcorn. The best bit of this is freaking out the kittens with the pinging pan, of course.
9. Flowers from my birthday last week still making me smile.

A little bit of our week just past. Joining in with Emily's 'Stills.'


  1. gosh these are all so lovely. love the little fingers typing and the side by side play. such wonderful moments. hope you are having a wonderful start to your week. xo

  2. beautiful photos, love the photos of your kids engaged in their play, so sweet.

  3. Lovely pictures, reminds me of playing with a typewriter as child, I can almost hear the sounds!

  4. What a gorgeous series of images. Just beautiful :)


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