chasing the sunset

Monday, 14 October 2013

On the second of our two nights in Harris, Tom's parents offered to put the children to bed so that we could have a little drive out together. Off to the Leverburgh shop we went for a couple of essentials (ahem, gin plus tonic water) and on the way back, as we drove through the dusky light of the beginning of sunset I really wished we had the camera with us. Queue some pretty zoomy driving along some very tiny wiggly roads to fetch it, we could see the sun quickly sinking as we passed by hills. Then driving back along tiny wiggly roads and trying to find a good place to stop had us doing a few impressive turns and skidders (and amusing/confusing some onlooking cyclists) but we managed to catch it just before it was over. One of the loveliest sunsets I've ever seen, I think.


  1. beautiful. just what I needed. so glad you two got away, then were able to fetch your camera to share this. what joy! what beauty! hope your evening was as lovely as these pictures. xo

  2. Such beautiful photos! Amazing effort to get your camera, well worth the effort and adventure involved!! Xx

  3. you've a great blog and beautiful children!

  4. A beautiful sunset and so well captured.

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