along the sea wall.

Thursday, 8 August 2013


Do you like Matilda's running face here? Makes me chuckle looking at this photo. I've been told that Matilda and I even run exactly the same and well... It's not too hard to believe, even with that face on. There are many some aspects of me that can be likened to a magnified toddler. I suppose. (According to Tom.)
It's been quietly busy here lately, as life mostly is with littles. Round about 137% of my available attention is required by both of my children and it's been more consuming than usual just recently. I find myself feeling the 'PHEW' a bit more post-bedtime. Getting anything above the absolute necessary done in the home is a bonus but indulging in the outdoors is still my reliable cure-all (and favourite thing to do, any excuse welcome), especially when no-nap, teething grumbles are with us and I'm holding onto that before the everlasting Hebridean winter hits again.

Our camera finally gave up on us last week, hence missing a week of the 52 project. But... hooray hooray we bought a new one. Our first DSLR. We went for a Canon in the end and so far it is brilliant.

I hope your weeks are treating you well and that you get to run around in the long grass, too.


  1. Hi Holly! Thanks for visiting me via the Beetle Shack. Such a gorgeous space you have here, with beautiful photos! I look forward to spending more time here.

    I can't get enough of the greens in the photos above. Just lovely.

    Melania x


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