Friday 23 August 2013


Matilda: Shiny new red shoes. I crept up on you as you were nibbling on pomegranate on the back step.(Not so photo happy were you today...) I think both you and George's most favourite ever snack. Especially if you get to whack the bejeebers out of it to get the bits out.

George: Look at that little face. I mean really... I am head over heels for this little boy.

A portrait of my children, once a week every week and joining in with Jodi's lovely 52 project.


  1. Great photos - and what little girl ( and big girl too) wouldn't love a new pair of red shoes !

  2. Oh that first shot is just perfection! Love both of these!

  3. these are lovely portraits, and those tiny-shiny red shoes, so cute!

  4. such lovely photos (and i just adore those red shoes!)

  5. I adore your perspective in the first photo and those gorgeous red shoes.


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