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Monday, 2 September 2013


This is the first ever portrait of me, by Matilda. She even got my hair perfect, I had it up in a messy nest on top of my head (as I often do at home) and yes, I DO have orange hair all the way around and over my head. AND blue eyes and a funny face. Not so much the bright pink skin but I'll allow her a little poetic licence. I just wanted to share this little piece of pure joy (to me).
In other news, we've been spoiled with five whole days together as Tom managed to steal a little break away from his busy schedule at the Hotel and it has been perfect. Much overdue and very, very much appreciated. We had a date night on Friday, our first since last November, would you believe... It was SO much fun. Dinner and a play and a couple of cocktails. He's back to work tomorrow and we're going to miss him very much indeed.

This song got me through some chores this morning, it's good for wiggling along  to, I hope you like it too:


  1. I heard the Caracol song on 6music earlier, tis great!
    Found you through Sarah Illustrator's link to your 52 project photo this week...and then noticed you were my latest follower too - thank you! You look lovely ;)
    Your dinner, play and cocktails evening sounds lovely too - I may have to suggest similar to my husband!x

  2. I heard it first on 6music too, well done them! Yes I am quite a picture, aren't I ;) The dinner/play/cocktails was a winner of an evening, highly recommended. Thanks for stopping by. Holly.x

  3. wonderful! I love your little masterpiece. And I am always happy to have found a new song to get me though chores. xo


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